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Cultivate the Life You Want to Lead

Do you have obstacles that are in the way of the life you want to live? Do you feel like your personal or professional plans are at risk?

Let's work together to help you succeed.

Meet Beth

Executive Coach & Guest Speaker

One of the nation's few Elite Practitioners, Beth Siegert, CPC, CPRC, ACC, CFAA, has dedicated her coaching career to helping clients succeed professionally and in their personal lives. Sought after by corporations, universities, and other organizations as a guest speaker, Beth has helped guide organizations as they develop their C-Suite professionals.


I Specialize in:


Executive Coaching

I work with leaders in various industries who seek to catalyze change, enhance leadership, and drive results within their organizations.


Recovery Coaching

Sobriety is both highly rewarding and a lot of work. I coach clients as they start or continue their sober living styles.


Guest Speaking

I often speak with corporate leadership, corporate staff, university leadership, and at health-related conferences regarding addiction in the workplace, corporate culture, and domestic violence.

"We Cannot Direct the Wind, But We Can Adjust the Sails"

Bertha Calloway

I originally worked with Beth about 25 years ago where she was a trusted member of the leadership team in a new (and subsequently highly successful) financial institution. There, I picked up on her mission-oriented nature. Since then, I have observed how she has taken her natural talents and combined them with extensive life and work experience to create a refined and effective coaching service.

- Dean Vliet, CEO, NJ Information Technology, LLC

Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. Just a few words to describe the abilities that Beth possesses. Beth enabled me to clarify my thoughts on my career transition and identify what I needed to do to move my business forward.

- VP of Operations, Real Estate Corporation

I engaged Beth to help me discover why things weren’t going better at work. To my surprise, I learned that I see and speak to myself often in subtle undermining words while feeling that I am not appreciated. Beth was able to help me quiet my internal dialog.  She taught me how to meditate and to bring a calm state into the workplace. Relationships grew, support grew, and I became more outgoing and more comfortable at work. I started to be included in more and more projects which led to promotions. I thank Beth for these very positive benefits.

- Jill G, Attorney, New York

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