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Meet Beth

Executive Coach & Guest Speaker

Beth Siegert, CPC, CPRC, ACC, CFAA is a sought-after Executive Coach and guest speaker that works with clients who wish to propel their careers forward. 


Many times, Beth's clients are desiring to influence their future and seek her as a trusted advisor to help to chart a new path and navigate it successfully. 

Having worked as a corporate Vice President in two different industries, Beth is now one of the few Elite Practitioners in the United States, and dedicates her coaching career to helping clients succeed professionally and in their personal lives. Sought after by corporations, universities, and other organizations as a guest speaker, Beth has helped guide organizations as they develop their C-Suite professionals.


Interestingly, Beth has developed a specialized niche in recovery coaching and for about 50% of her clients, that is the primary focus. For corporate clients and organizations, she has consulted on the creation of policies and cultural change regarding addiction in the workplace.

To empower clients to identify and remove obstacles that block the path to being their better selves.

Value 01.


"I want my clients to feel that they can share anything with me at any time."

"Often, a client and I will break an obstacle (or obstacles) down into smaller parts and work together to see what action can be taken to remove that obstacle.  When a person walks through an obstacle, they become empowered. Watching this empowerment unfold is a most rewarding part of my career."

—Beth Siegert, CPC, CPRC, ACC, CFAA

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