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Wondering what it is like to work with an Executive Coach? Curious about working with a Recovery Coach? Read on for more information to frequently asked questions.

Executive Coaching

What is a Typical Client like?

In my Executive Coaching consulting, I would say that my clients all have one thing in common: they want to influence their lives. Many want to achieve the next level in their career or make a change. Many are navigating a demanding career while trying to handle what Life throws at them. 


Some of my clients work with me solely in an Executive Coaching capacity. Others work with me in my niche of Recovery Coaching. Some utilize both types of coaching.

Do you work with both men and women?


I coach women and men. At this time, the majority of my clients are men.

What is the main reason people contact you?


To help them to improve their lives. We catalyze, strategize, and develop as we work together.

What is Elite Executive Coaching?


My accreditation is elite-level. Only 5% of Executive Coaches have achieved this level of accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. I combine this with my executive-level experience in both IT and Finance and my personal understanding and challenges faced with being a parent and the difficulties of marriage (and life in general) while having an executive-level career.

How long have you been an Executive Coach?


20 years.


What industries do you work with?


My clients come from various industries, law, medicine, and academia. I still hope to coach an astronaut simply because I think it would be wonderful to meet with a client who is working in space. Most of my clients have an advanced degree (sometimes more than one) but none are rocket scientists--yet. I may or may not have or have had celebrity clients.


When do people work with you?


My clients are technically all over the world--because they frequently travel or live abroad. We often meet via Zoom. I am very accommodating regarding different time zones. 


How do clients handle privacy while working with you during the workday?


I have a list of suggestions to help with privacy. Headphones and closing a door go a long way to help with privacy. When clients work from home, they often choose a time when the house is empty.

Curious? Let's talk.
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Recovery Coaching

What is Recovery Coaching?


About half of my clients work with me as their Recovery Coach. An alliance with a trained professional, such as myself, can be crucial as you work to strengthen yourself and live a sober life. Non-judgmental support, empowering accountability, and personal understanding of sobriety can really help a person as they work on their sobriety. Keep in mind that recovery is a daily practice and some days or times of the year are more challenging than others. Recovery Coaching goes a long way as you map out the rest of your life working on your sobriety. 


Do you have personal experience with addiction?


Yes, I certainly do.


How long have you been sober?


35 + years (continuously).


What are your thoughts on sobriety?


It's totally worth it. I have a lot of thoughts on this sobriety journey. Here is a  link to the essay I wrote about it.

Questions? Contact me.
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