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4 Quick Ways to Relieve Anxiety at Work

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The workplace can be a bonfire of anxiety. Deadlines, career strategy, high expectations, and a plate that is too full are the main contributors. What can you do when you are very anxious at work? Here are 4 quick ways to relieve anxiety at work. Breathe – Sure, we breathe every day but here is the kicker: When we are stressed the tendency is to hold our breath. Shallow breathing is more common than one would think. A slow, measured exhale calms the nervous system. Concentrating on forgoing shallow breathing for deep inhales and solid exhales can do wonders to assist in coping with any type of anxiety. Try wearing a watch that includes a heartbeat measurement. Practice deep breathing (inhaling and exhaling) and watch your heart rate slow in response. Give Your Body a Rest: Many of us tend to sit much of the day and evening. Many tasks require sitting in front of a computer, at a desk, or at a table. Give yourself an excuse to get up and move around a little. Or are you in the opposite camp—on your feet all the time? The opposite is true for you. Go ahead and sit for a short amount of time. Tip: If you believe this is not possible during your workday, going to the restroom is a sure fix. Not many people will follow you into the bathroom! Hydrate: Plain water is the most hydrating beverage and is crucial for the human body. Anxiety and stress can lead to dehydration due to lack of time to drink water and the added physical demands (faster heartbeat, for example) of anxiety and stress. Dehydration can cause physical responses that stress the body, adding to the anxiety already felt at the workplace – a vicious circle can develop. Helping your brain and body function properly can only benefit your coping with anxiety. Sneak a Mindfulness Break: Choose an object like a special bracelet, a paperweight, a candle, or another object that you can sit and enjoy for a minute or two. Simply examining a complex image on your computer screen is another example. The key is one to two minutes of time to calm the brain and body and ground yourself in mindful observation. Give these four quick and easy tips a try! (Repeat as needed). These will assist you in lowering your anxiety at work! Curious about in-depth coaching to help you eliminate obstacles and build the life you want to live? Set up a first consultation by sending an email to or click on the button below:

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