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6 Top Reasons to Work with an Executive Coach

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Thinking about working with an Executive Coach? Many people work with Beth Siegert, CPC, CPRC, ACC, CFAA of Siegert & Associates to build or increase career success. Others utilize her expertise for living free from various addictions— not just to substances but also to food, relationships, and many other behaviors a person wishes to be able to change. Common to all seeking coaching, the input of an outside advisor is enlightening and can be a source of confidence when designing the path forward that each individual wishes to pursue.

Here are the 6 top reasons why clients work with Beth Siegert, Executive Coach:

  1. To have a trusted and non-judgemental advisor. Objectivity and privacy can be hard to come by. When making complex life decisions, the advice of a highly-trained advisor who will be objective, will not judge, and will guard your privacy, is a great source of strength.

  2. To gain the benefit of decades of corporate experience regarding a career path. Corporate culture and the pressures therein are unique from other professions. Having the ear of someone who has extensive financial and IT corporate experience is key when planning and exploring a corporate career path and for strategizing and planning a career trajectory.

  3. For help to identify and remove obstacles currently blocking professional success. As an elite Executive Coach, Beth utilizes a variety of coaching modalities to assist clients to identify obstacles in the way of career success. Beth helps clients remove what gets in the way of professional advancement.

  4. As a private way to work on personal life challenges. Privacy is a gift and one that does not seem to be easily available in today’s world. Working in a confidential setting can be very helpful to cope with personal and professional challenges. In addition, regardless of how hard we try to separate our personal lives from our work lives, they are intertwined. An Executive Coach helps provide strategies to deal with both.

  5. Some clients access Beth’s expertise on living free of addiction as a powerful way to bolster their daily sobriety efforts while maintaining career excellence. Living free from addiction is a daily practice. Some days are more difficult than others. Having the expertise of someone living for 33 years in sobriety can be a powerful resource. Approximately ⅓ of Beth’s clients seek assistance to live free from various addictions.

  6. Finally, Beth is an engaging speaker who can address addiction at all levels in the workplace as well as conflicts that arise in corporations.

Beth is often sought by corporate executives and university leadership to speak on a wide variety of topics. Common topics include: Enhancing Corporate Productivity in 2022, Designing A Post-Pandemic Corporate Culture, Career Advancement, Addiction in the Workplace, Recovery from Addiction and Career Excellence, Thriving as an Entrepreneur, and other topics custom-created to meet the needs of clients.

To have a conversation about working together, schedule your 30-minute consultation directly, contact Beth at or call 877.449.6393.

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