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Summertime Recovery Tips

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Summertime Recovery Tips

Summertime’s hot temps and sun can be challenging for those of us in recovery. We have compiled a list of suggestions for various addictions to help you through the dog days of summer. Here are some tips for you or anyone you know in recovery:

Summertime Recovery Tips:

1. Bring your own beverages. 2. Bring your own drinking container so as not to confuse yours with other people's beverages. 3. Sit/stand far away from the drink area. 4. Please take a sober friend with you if you feel you must attend a function. 5. "No” is a one-word sentence. No explanation is owed and most people won’t care. 6. Throw your own (dry) brunch or afternoon Ice Cream Social. 7. Park your car in a location that allows you to leave at any time. 8. If you become uncomfortable- call another sober person or leave! Nothing is more important than your sobriety. 9 . Yes, “just one will hurt.” Either you, your family, your career, etc. 10. Need a good reason not to attend? Simply state, "I have other plans." We wish you a pleasant summer full of fun and safe activities.

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