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4 Empowering Reasons to Work with a Recovery Coach

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Here is the honest truth: recovery from an addiction is a daily practice for the remainder of your life, ebbs and flows in difficulty depending on the small and large events that impact you, and can be simultaneously liberating and challenging. “As a Recovery Coach, I help my clients manage their future and work with them to achieve greater levels of personal and professional satisfaction,” says Beth Siegert, CPC, CPRC, ACC, CFAA. Here are 4 empowering reasons to work with a Recovery Coach:

  1. Understanding -- Addiction is complex. Admittedly, not everyone understands the physical, spiritual, and mental components of an addiction. If this is something a person has not experienced, it is nearly impossible for them to imagine. Empathy and/or sympathy can only go so far in such a situation. For those in recovery, it is a relief to be able to talk to someone who understands due to having gone through the same immediate recovery and who is practicing recovery in real time.

  2. Support -- A Recovery Coach provides non-judgmental support for a client: specific support for recovery endeavors, coping mechanisms to assist daily recovery efforts, and helps map out an addiction-free plan for a healthy life. Sometimes, a Recovery Coach is part of a team that may also include a therapist (and a medical professional at the very start of a journey).

  3. Guidance -- Utilizing elite-level accreditation and a variety of modalities, expert guidance can really assist a person to manage the path ahead and help handle challenges. There is no one-size fits all plan and any guidance must be individualized to help a client succeed.

  4. Accountability -- Non-judgmental accountability is empowering. Accountability from a highly-trained professional is fine-tuned to suit a client’s needs, personality, and goals.

Finding a path to recovery helps to accomplish future plans and expectations. Addiction takes a lot out of your life—raise the standard of living for yourself and loved ones. For more information about recovery coaching, email or call 877.449.6393 and ask for Beth Siegert.

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